(2297.) B. grandiflora, Smith. Hook., PI. II., 186.

Milla maritima, Macoun, Cat., No. 1869. On sandy, rocky, or gravelly soil, in the oak openings. Close to the sea, on Fuller's farm, at Oak Bay; and in numerous places on rocky soil around Victoria and Cedar Hill; abundant on ledges above Departure Bay, and near the Half-way House, Nanaimo, Vancouver Island. (Macoun.) Cedar Hill, near Victoria, B.C. (Meehan. Fletcher.) North West America and New Georgia. (Hcoker, Fl.)

(2298.) B. Douglasii, Watson. Proced. Am. Acad. XIV., 237.

Triteleia grandiflora, Lindl. Hook., Fl. II., 186.

Milla grandiflora, Baker. Journ. Linn. Soc.; Macoun, Cat., No. 1870.

In deep sand or in crevices of rocks; rare. Close to the sea at Oak Bay. (Macoun.) Cedar Hill, near Victoria, Vancouver Island. (Fletcher.)

(2299.) B. lactea, Watson. Proced. Am. Acad. XIV., 238.

B. grandiflora, Pursh, Fl. I., 223.

Hesperoscordon Lewisii, Hook., Fl. II., 185.

Milla hyacinthina, Baker. Macoun, Cat. No. 1871.

Abundant by roadsides, along the borders of fields, by lakes, amongst gravel, and on sand by the sea coast, from the vicinity of Victoria to Nanaimo, Qualicum and Alberni, Vancouver Island. (Macoun.) Vicinity of Victoria, Vancouver Island. (Meehan. Fletcher.) North West America. (Hooker, Fl.)