Grape Hyacinth (Muscari Racemosum, Lam. & D. C)

The habitat of this plant is grassy places. The habit is lily-like, or that of a geophyte. At the base of the small bulb are small bulbils. The long linear leaves are bent back, channelled, half-round, limp, wavy, prostrate. The scape is short, round. The musk-scented, egg-shaped flowers are numerous, dark-blue, borne in a raceme, cylindrical, and the rachis after flowering becomes thickened. The slender flower-stalks are long when the plant is in fruit, the upper flowers almost stalkless, barren, or imperfect. The capsule is notched. The plant is 4-10 in. in height. The flowers open in May and June, and the plant is a herbaceous, bulbous perennial.