Barbarea Arcuata, Reichb

The habitat of this plant is roadsides, banks of ditches, cultivated ground. The habit is the rosette habit, the plant having radical leaves and an erect stem. The plant is yellowish-green. The leaves are much as in the common Yellow Rocket. The flowers are larger, the petals last longer, are more than twice as long as the sepals, and are in a long looser raceme. The pods are long, spreading (the raceme being arched when young, and are 5-8 times as long as the stalks. The styles are longer. The seeds are smaller, darker, more than twice as long as broad. The plant is similar in height, flowering, and duration to B. vulgaris.

American Cress (Barbarea Prcecox, Br.)

The habitat of this plant is roadsides, cultivated ground, and waste places, and it is a garden escape. The plant has the rosette habit. Hooker considered it a cultivated form of B. vulgaris, to which it is closely allied. The lower leaves are divided nearly to the base, with narrow lobes, or lyrate, larger upwards, the upper pair of lobes as long as the nearly heart-shaped terminal lobe. The upper leaves are divided nearly to the base, the lobes entire, linear, oblong. The flowers are yellow, medium-sized, in a close raceme, the petals 3 times as long as the sepals, the flower-stalks short and stout. The style is short. The pods are spreading, long, distant, not much broader than the flower-stalks, jointed, with a short, thick point. The seeds are longer than broad by one-quarter, twice as broad and ellipsoid as in B. vulgaris. The plant is 9 inches to 2 ft. high, flowering from May to July, and is a herbaceous biennial.

Bury Hedge Mustard (Sisymbrium Polycera-Tium, L)

The habitat of this plant is roadside paths. The habit is prostrate or erect, and branched. The stem is hairless, leafy. The leaves, with lobes turned back, divided nearly to the base, hairless, or only with a large terminal lobe, are triangular and toothed. The flowers are in short, leafy racemes, small, yellow. The style is short, thick, the stigma blunt. The pods are 1-3, in the axils of leafy bracts, awl-like, spreading, broad below, stalkless, or shortly stalked, the stalks short and thick. The valves of the pods are 3-nerved, convex, beaded, blunt. The plant is 18 in. high, flowering in July and August, and is a herbaceous annual. *