Cinnamon Rose (Rosa Cinnamomea, L. = R. Blanda, Aiton)

This rose is an alien species, introduced. The stem has deep-red bark, slender, horizontal, or bent-back prickles, unequal, numerous, awl-like. The stipules are oblong, pointed, fringed with glands. The leaflets are oblong, simple, toothed, greyish-green, downy, without glands. The flowers are purplish-red, with broad, hollow petals. The flower-stalks are smooth. The fruit is deep-red, egg-shaped or rounded. The plant is 4-5 ft. high, flowering in May onward, and is a deciduous shrub.

Dickson's Rose (Rosa Dicksoni, Lindl.)

The stem of this rose is erect, with spreading wavy branches, dark-red tinged with grey. The prickles are scattered. The leaflets are oval, 5-7, grey both sides, with spreading hairs, doubly toothed. The flowers are deep-pink, the petals not as long as the calyx. The flower-stalks are bristly, enlarged above. The fruit is egg-shaped. The plant flowers in June.

Hawthorn (Cratcegus Monogyna, Jacq. = 6". Oxy-Acantha, L.)

The habitat of this plant is hedges, thickets, and forests. The plant has the tree or bush habit. The plant is spinous. It differs from Cralcegus Oxyacanthoides, already described, in the more deeply lobed, entire leaves, the lobes lance-shaped, narrow, and long-pointed, with narrower segments. The veins of the lower lobes curve outwards. The flowers are in a corymb. The calyx and flower-stalk are downy. The flowers and fruit are not so large, and appear later. There is 1 style, rarely 2, bent. The fruit is nearly round. The plant flowers in May and June, and is a deciduous tree or shrub.