Hieracium Clovense, Linton

The habitat of this species is cliffs, highland mountains. The stem is reddish, nearly smooth above, woolly-felted below, the radical leaves are egg-shaped with a long, narrow point, toothed, the lowest bent back, hairy both sides with purple blotches, the stem-leaf is wanting, or lance-shaped, shortly stalked, entire or toothed. The heads are broad, in a loose corymb, rounded, egg-shaped. The stalks are woolly-felted, glandular. The phyllaries are dark, extending forwards in bud, the outer linear, oblong, narrow above, the inner narrow-pointed, hardly woolly-felted, with a pale border, hairy, glandular. The styles are yellow. The ligules are smooth or fringed with hairs. The margins of the receptacle pits are raised or with short teeth. The plant is 8-16 in. high, flowering in July and August, and is a herbaceous perennial.

Hieraciumpachyphyllum, Purchas

The habitat of this species is rocky cliffs. The stem is reddish, finely furrowed, stiffly hairy below, woolly-felted, glandular above. The radical leaves are bluish-green, the outer oval, egg-shaped, oblong, blunt, or heart-shaped below, toothed, the inner more pointed, stiffly hairy, the hairs with bulbous base, below and on the border, with purple margins. The stem-leaf is bract-like or absent, or egg-shaped, long-pointed, toothed low down, stalked. The panicle is a falsely-forked corymb. The stalks are straight or ascending, woolly-felted, glandular. The 3-8 heads are broad, egg-shaped. The phyllaries are broad, lance-shaped, linear, blunt, folded in early bud, woolly-felted at the margin, senescent, the inner narrow above, with many yellow glandular hairs. The ligules are yellow, smooth at the tip. The styles are yellow or slightly livid.

The margins of the receptacle pits are slightly raised, toothed. The plant flowers in June.

Hieracium Sanguineum, Ley

The habitat of this plant is limestone pavements and rocks. The stem is furrowed, stiffly hairy or smooth. The radical leaves are dull-green, blood-red beneath, oval, oblong, toothed, blunt below, the inner narrower, long-pointed, wedge-shaped below, inequilateral, smooth, stiffly hairy on the veins below and on the border. The stem-leaf is wanting, or solitary, linear, lance-shaped, stalkless. The lower branches are nearly erect, the upper ascending and exceeding the acladium. The stalks are woolly-felted, glandular, with few hairs. The 3-6 heads are large, round or broad to egg-shaped. The phyl-laries are bent inwards, but do not meet together in bud, rather broad, oblong, linear, narrow above, blunt, the intermediate narrow, acute, woolly-felted at the edge, hairy, glandular. The ligules are fringed with few hairs at the tip. The styles are dull-yellow. The pits of the receptacle are slightly raised at the border, scarcely toothed.

Hieracium Stenolepis, Lindeb

The habitat of this plant is mountains and cliffs. The stem is simple or branched, furrowed, slender, stiffly hairy, woolly-felted above. The outer radical leaves are oblong, rounded, blunt, heart-shaped, the inner oblong, lance-shaped, oval, acute, blunt or wedge-shaped, arrow-shaped below, toothed below, the innermost narrower, acute, with a long point, toothed, running down the leaf-stalk, bluish-green, woolly-felted below, stiffly hairy on the border. The stem-leaf low down is stalked, narrow, linear, lance - shaped, sharply toothed. The panicle is 1-forked, the branches long and curved. The stalks are woolly-felted, glandular. The 4-7 heads are small, narrow, egg-shaped. The phyllaries are narrow, greenish-black, extending forwards, woolly-felted, stiffly hairy, glandular below. The ligules are hairless. The styles are yellow. The pits of the receptacle are cut, toothed. The plant is 6-14 in., flowering in June and July, and is a herbaceous perennial.