Hieracium Ogiveni, Linton

The habitat of this plant is sandy and stony places. It is regarded as synonymous with H. subumbellata, Williams, of H. umbellatum, L., by Mr. F. N. Williams (Prodr., p. 174). The leaves are fewer than in H. umbellatum, L., the upper stalkless, the lower narrowed into leaf-stalks, the panicle being narrowed into a corymbose panicle, subum-bellate, the tips of the phyllaries straight, not bent back, nearly hairless, not hairy, or slightly woolly-felted, hairy.

Alpine Sowthistle (Lactura Alpina, Hook. = Sonchus Cceruletts, Sm.)

The habitat of this plant is alpine rocks. The plant has the rosette habit. It is smooth, the inflorescence glandular, hairy. The stems are stout, simple, smooth below, leafy, succulent, grooved. The leaves are arrow-shaped, lyrate or runcinate, with a large triangular, spear-shaped, terminal lobe, and acute, broad, membranous. The leaves are smaller above, broadly ovate, heart-shaped, acute, short-stalked on the barren shoots. They are narrowed into half-clasping, auricled, winged leaf-stalks. The flowerheads are blue, in racemose heads, small, numerous, simple or branched, hispid, with stalked, jointed hairs. The flower-stalks are ascending, and bear bracts. The involucre is glandular, hairy, subcylindrical, the phyllaries linear. The achenes are oblong, not narrowed, ribbed, slightly flattened. The plant is 2-4 ft. high, flowering from June to August, and is a herbaceous annual or perennial.