Rigid Hare's Ear Or Small Hare's Ear (Bu-Pleurum Opacum, Lange = Bupleurum Arislatum, Bartl.)

The habitat of this plant is sandy places and rocks. The habit is rigid, erect, with simple or forked stems, which are solid, the leaves sword-shaped, linear, lance-shaped, finely furrowed. The lower leaves may be stalked. The flowers are yellow, the oblong bracts bearing an awn. The plant is 2-8 in. in height, flowering in June and July, and is an annual.

Honewort (Trinia Vulgaris, D.C. = Apinella Glauca, Camel = Trinia Glauca, Dum. - 7. Glaberrima, Hoffm.)

The habitat of this plant is dry limestone rocks or hills. The plant is bluish-green. The rootstock is spindle-shaped, woody, crowned with remains of last year's leaves and leaf-stalks. The stems are erect, branched, solid, stout, deeply - grooved, with spreading branches. The leaves are tripinnate, the leaflets linear and slender, spreading, bluish-green. The segments and leaf-stalk are very slender. The plant is dioecious. The flowers are white, minute. The umbels of the male flowers are flattened, those of the female irregular, with longer rays. The bracts are 3-cleft, solitary or absent. The bracteoles are linear, 2-3. The fruit is ovoid, with blunt ridges. The carpophore has flat segments. The styles are slender. The plant is 3-6 in. high, flowering in May and June, and is a herbaceous perennial.