Wood Geranium (Geranium Sylvaticum, L.)

The habitat of this plant is woods, thickets, in the north, moist meadows, mountain districts in North Britain. The habit is erect. The stem is branched above, erect, downy and glandular above, the radical leaves long-stalked, the stem-leaves stalkless, shield-shaped, with deep lobes, toothed and cut. The flowers are blue-purple, in a cyme, the petals notched, the sepals awned, the flower-stalks 2-1-flowered, erect, the anther-stalks thread-like, fringed with hairs. The fruit-stalk is erect, the seeds netted. The plant is 1-2 ft. in height, and flowers from June to August, being a herbaceous perennial.

Dusky Crane's Bill (Geranium Phaeum, L.)

This plant is found in plantations, thickets, woods, near parks and gardens. The habit is erect, the stems numerous, loosely hairy, and glandular above, the rootstock blunt. The leaves are rounded and 3-7-lobed, the lobes acute, toothed, cut, the radical leaves long-stalked, the stipules lance-shaped. The flowers are purplish-brown or black, rarely white, on 2-flowered flower-stalks, the petals wedge-shaped, bent back, rounded, wavy, longer than the sepals, oblong, shortly awned. The carpels are hairy below, transversely wrinkled above, the seeds smooth with pinholes, and ribbed. The plant is 1-3 ft. high, and flowers in May and June, being a herbaceous perennial, growing from a root with long fibres borne on a short, thick, underground stem.

Long-Stalked Crane's Bill (Geranium Colum-Binum, L.)

The habitat of this plant is dry copses and pastures, calcareous places. The habit is prostrate. The stem is hairless or has turned-back hairs, much-branched, slender. The leaves are broad, on long stalks, with 5-7 lobes, narrow, irregular, divided nearly to the base. The stipules are ovate, lance-shaped. The flowers are rose-colour, with entire, inversely egg-shaped , petals, notched, few, the claws fringed with hairs, ! on long slender flower-stalks, 2-flowered, longer than the leaves. The sepals are awned, spreading, as long as the petals, the calyx angular. The carpels have a few scattered hairs and are not wrinkled, smooth, keeled, the seeds pitted. The ! plant is 1-2 ft. high, flowering from June to August, and is a herbaceous perennial.