Linden (Tilia Parvifolia, Ehrh. = Ulmifolia, Scop. = Cordata, Mill.)

The habitat of this tree is woods. It has the tree habit, with smooth bark, and drooping branches. The twigs, etc, are smooth, the leaves small, bluish-white, downy in the axils of the nerves below, egg-shaped, heart-shaped, with a long point, finely toothed, smooth below, leathery, thick, opaque above, little longer than the leaf-stalks. The flowers are in cymes, with 5 sepals, and 5 petals, valvate in bud. The flowers are yellowish-green, and sweet-scented. The fruit is downy, round or ellipsoid, angular, ribbed, thin, brittle. The stigma lobes spread at length. The height is 50-60 ft. The flowers are met with in July and August. The tree is deciduous.

Broad-Leaved Lime (Tilia Platyphyllos, Scop. = Grandiflora, Ehrh.)

This species of lime is an alien and rare, found in old rocky woods. The twigs are downy. It has the tree habit. The leaves are large, downy below, with simple hairs, obliquely heart-shaped below, with woolly tufts in the axils of the veins, thin, membranous, bright transparent green, longer than the leaf-stalks. The flowers are in threes. The ripe fruit is inversely egg-shaped or round, with 3-5 prominent ribs, downy, the angles woody, downy. The tree is 70-90 ft. in height. It is in flower in June and July, and is a deciduous tree.