Hairy Mallow (Althcsa Hirsuta, L.)

This species is an alien, found in woods, fields, dry places, cornfields, and cultivated ground. The habit is prostrate or ascending. The stems are stiffly hairy, numerous, ascending, slender, the leaves stiffly hairy, heart-shaped, on long stalks, kidney-shaped, with 5 acute lobes, scalloped, the upper 3- or 5-lobed, palmate. The flowers are pale-rose or white. The flower-stalks are in the axils, 1-flowered, longer than the leaves. The sepals are lance-shaped and hairy. The carpels are smooth. The carpels are 1-seeded, in a whorl, indehiscent. The plant is 6-18 in. in height. It flowers from June to August. The plant is a herbaceous annual.