Seablite (Suaeda Fruticosa, Forsk. = Obtusifolia, Steud.)

The habitat of this plant is sandy, pebbly, or shingly coasts, where the plant is a factor in forming lateral banks and in protecting the coast. The plant has the shrub habit. The stem is erect, woody, with erect or ascending branches, hairless, and rather bluish-green. The leaves are crowded, fleshy, blunt, semi-cylindrical, dotted with white. The flowers are in the axils, solitary or 2-3, on short stalks. There are 3 styles. The seeds are vertical, black, smooth, shining. The plant is 1-3 ft. high, and flowers from July to September and October. The plant is a perennial shrub.

Annual Seablite (Suaeda Maritima, Dum.)

The habitat of this plant is salt marshes and muddy seashores. The plant is erect or prostrate in habit. The stems are herbaceous, with many spreading branches, hairless, bluish - green, red in late autumn, branched from the base, the branches slender, straggly. The leaves are tapered below, more or less acute, semi-cylindrical. The flowers are rarely solitary, 3-5, shortly-stalked. There are only 2 styles. The seeds are horizontal, shining, finely furrowed, brown or black, beaked. The plant is 3-18 in. high, flowering between July and October, and is a herbaceous annual.