* Lower leaves undivided. V. dioica: stem emitting creeping runners, the flowering ones erect, 6-8 inches high; radical leaves on long stalks, ovate, entire, the stem-leaves few, mostly pinnate, with a large oval or oblong terminal segment; flowers small, pale rose, in terminal corymbs, mostly unisexual, the corolla tube short. - Boggy meadows. Fl. June.

** Leaves all pinnate.

V. officinalis: stems erect, 2 - 4 feet high, nearly simple, hairy at the base; leaves pinnate, with 9-21 or more large, lanceolate segments, with a few coarse teeth; flowers small, white or tinged with pink, in broad terminal corymbs. - Allheal. - Damp woods, sides of ditches and streams, etc Fl. June.