* Panicle scarcely more than a simple raceme.

T. alpinum: stem dwarf, simple, almost leafless; leaves twice ternate, bearing small, roundish, crenate or lobed leaflets; flowers few, drooping; sepals four, small; stamens 10-20. - Moist alpine pastures. Fl. June and July.

** Panicle compound, diffuse.

T. minus: stem 1-3 feet high, zigzag branched; leaves three or four times divided, with numerous, small, roundish, or broadly wedge-shaped, trifid and toothed leaflets; flowers drooping, pale greenish yellow, the sepals tinged with pink. - Stony and bushy pastures in limestone districts. Fl. June, July.

A variable plant, the varieties distinguished by size, colour, and pubescence, by luxuriance of foliage, or by the lower leaves being fully developed or reduced to mere sheaths; there are three or four British forms.

*** Panicle compound, compact.

T. flavum: stem stout, furrowed, 2-3 feet high; leaves two or three times divided, bearing large obovate leaflets, wedge-shaped at the base; flowers erect, decidedly yellow, the panicles somewhat corymbose. - Moist meadows. Fl. June, July.