* Spur very short, reduced to a small pouch.

O. ustulata: tuberous, the tubers entire; leaves lanceolate; spike dense, 1-2 inches long j flowers small, the lip not longer than the sepals, white with purple spots, three-lobed, the middle lobe deeply bifid. - Chalky downs. Fl. May, June.

** Spior lengthened, varying from the half to the whole length of the ovary.

† Tubers not divided.

O. Morio: leaves lanceolate; flowers few in a loose spike, the sepals purple, all converging; lip longer, broadly and shortly three-lobed, pinkish-purple, paler in the centre, with dark spots; spur nearly as long as the ovary. - Meadows and pastures. Fl. May, June.

O. militaris: leaves broadly oval to oblong; flowers in a dense oblong spike; the sepals purple, all converging; lip longer, pale-coloured, spotted with purple, three-lobed, the lateral lobes small, the middle one larger, two-cleft; spur scarcely half the length of the ovary. - Pastures and borders of woods. Fl. May. - Mr. Bentham includes as varieties the following forms, often regarded as distinct: Var. fusca: larger and stouter; sepals dark brownish -purple, variegated; lip paler, its middle lobe broad and short. - Chalky bushy hills.

Var. tephrosanthos: smaller and more slender; sepals dark purplish; lip purple, its middle lobe long and narrow. - Chalky hills.

O. maseula: leaves elliptic-lanceolate, usually spotted with purple; flowers in a loose spike, 3-6 inches long, pinkish-purple varying to flesh-colour; upper sepal arching, the lateral ones spreading; lip three-lobed with the middle lobe emargi-nate; spur as long as the ovary. - Pastures. Fl. April, May.

†† Tubers palmately divided.

O. maculata: leaves varying from nearly ovate to narrow-lanceolate, often spotted; flowers in a dense spike, 2-3 inches long, pale pink; lip variously spotted with purple, broadly orbicular, irregularly 3-lobed; spur slender, shorter than the ovary. - Meadows and woods. Fl. May, June.