Family, Honeysuckle. Color, pale yellow at first, becoming deeper. Leaves, opposite, short-petioled, oval or elliptical, finely toothed, tapering at apex, round at base,. slightly fringed along the margins. Calyx-tube, long, with 5 long, narrow segments above. Corolla, tubular, opening and spreading above into 5 narrow lobes. Stamens, 5. Pistil, with a long, projecting style and button - like stigma. Flowers, small, fragrant, 3 together, short-pedicelled, on a common peduncle, from the upper, opposite leaf-axils. Fruit, long, crowned with the calyx - teeth. Stems, grayish, somewhat 4-angled. June to August.

A pretty, low shrub, 2 to 4 feet high, found in rocky places, especially on the tops of mountains, from New England southward to North Carolina and westward.

The Weigela of our gardens, an early flowering shrub with red or yellow, showy flowers, is a Japanese species of Diervilla.