Family, Orchis. Colors, pink, yellow, and purple. Sepals and 2 of the petals, nearly alike, long and narrow, erect, open, of a crimson shade, striped with purple. Lip, swollen, whitish, spotted with brownish purple, further marked inside by 3 rows of yellow, stiff hairs. Column, broad, petal-like, the lidlike anther drooping from its summit. Flower, single, terminating a low scape, 3 to 6 inches high, arising from a bulbous corm. A single leaf springs near the base of the scape, from the corm, rather long - petioled, roundish or ovate, thin, many - nerved, pointed, with wavy margins, 1 to 1 1/2 inches long. About 3 loose scales upon the scape. May to July.

Deep, moist woods, Maine to Michigan and California, and in the Rocky Mountains. This pretty, bright-colored orchis is solitary and drooping. The bulbous root lies snugly in a bed of moss. Whoever finds this small nymph does not need to be told that he has a treasure. (See Pink Flowers, p. 251.)