Family, Figwort. Color, yellow. Corolla and calyx, 5-parted. Flowers, in terminal, thick spikes, much crowded. Leaves, thick, velvety, long, acute, alternate.

A well-known, tall, excessively woolly plant with heavy spikes of large blossoms. The leaves run down the main stem, producing wings. The flowers last only a day. In dry fields or waste places; a weed. I have seen this plant cherished in pots in houses in Germany, under the name of the "American velvet plant," and have been called upon to admire the extremely soft, beautiful leaves.

Moth Mullein V, Blattaria (see in chapter on White Flowers, p. 124). - Color, white or yellow.

V. Lychnitis. - Color, yellow or white. (See p. 124.)