Family, Rose. The flowers of Dalibarda are of 2 sorts. The more evident have white petals, and are generally sterile, on long peduncles. Of these the calyx is deeply 5 to 6-parted, 3 of the divisions large, toothed. Petals, 5, open, spreading. Below, numerous cleistogamous, apetalous flowers on short, curving peduncles may be found, fertile, with sepals closing over the fruit. Leaves, in tufts, from the creeping stem or root-stock, on long petioles, broadly toothed, rounded or heart-shaped. 2 to 5 inches high. June to August.

This pretty little flower is not obtrusive, and when found might be mistaken for a stemless violet, except for the numerous stamens which are a feature of the Rose Family. On hills and in rocky woods, New Jersey northward.