Family, Rose. Calyx, 5-divided, with bract-lets between the divisions. Petals, 5. Stamens, many. Achenes, numerous. The styles of the pistils jointed, the upper part hairy. The receptacle upon which the achenes are clustered is densely hairy. Leaves on the stem, toothed or 3-divided or lobed. Root-leaves variously divided into 3 to 5 leaflets, sometimes with one large, round leaflet and several smaller ones below. May to August.

In open woods.

G. virginiknum is a stouter and very hairy species. It has small petals, shorter than the calyx. Flowers, on stout peduncles on which the conspicuous hairs turn backward. Leaves, variously divided, the lower parted to the midrib, pinnate, the upper lobed. Summer.

In moist woods and low grounds, common.