Family, Rose. Calyx, 5-cleft with a narrow bract between each 2 divisions. Petals, 5, roundish. Leaves, from the root, on long, hairy petioles, with 3 serrate leaflets. Runners grow from the rhizome (subterranean stem).

The fruit of the strawberry is an enlarged and juicy receptacle, with the achenes buried in depressions on the outside.

Duchesnea indica is a yellow-flowered strawberry. It has escaped from cultivation, and has a tasteless fruit; found southward.

The wild strawberry is a pleasant find in one's spring walks. The blossoms are delicate, the leaves pretty. The scarlet, fragrant fruit, even if small, peering from among grass and leaves, has an aroma, a delicious wild flavor that the large, juicy, cultivated berry cannot afford.

Sometimes in the New York groceries tiny cornucopias made of leaves and filled with New Jersey hulled wild strawberries are offered for sale, and find eager buyers at Large prices. In fields, delighting to hide in tall grass.