Family, Figwort. Color, white or whitish. Calyx, 4 or 5-parted. Corolla, tubular, with wheel-shaped, short border, 4 or 5-cleft. Stamens, 2, one at each side of the upper lobes of the corolla, standing out from the flower. Flowers, in terminal, spiked panicles, stiff, upright, 3 to 6 feet high. Leaves, 4 to 7, whorled around the stem, lance-shaped, with short petioles, finely toothed. Rich, moist woods or fields from Massachusetts southward. July and August.

It is not apparent why this tall, noticeable plant of the woods should be connected with "Culver." Who was Culver? Perhaps a quack doctor, who found secret healing virtues in the root of this plant. I find no recognition of his services elsewhere in botanical or medical works, and no other floral monument to his memory.