Color, yellow. Leaves, entire, mostly from the root, on winged petioles, toothed, wavy-margined. Stem-leaves clasping, usually but one, above which the stem 1 tranches. 1 or 2 feet high. Flowers, deep yellow, in rather small heads. May to October.

An annual, common, making patches of bright color in low meadows of New Jersey and wherever it has a foothold. Massachusetts to Georgia and westward to Kentucky. In mountains of Virginia 4,000 feet high.

Hawkbit. Fall Dandelion Leontodon autumnklis ("a lion and a tooth," from the toothed leaves). - Family, Composite. Color, yellow. Flowers, all with strap-shaped corollas in flat heads, smaller than the common dandelion. They grow singly on scapes, from 3 to 12 inches high, on peduncles which are thickened just under the flower. Occasionally the scape branches, and a second flower appears. Minute scales on the flower scape. Leaves, blunt, toothed, or • deeply cut, all from the root, clustered. Involucre slightly downy. Pappus a row of tawny bristles. Late May to November.

Fields and roadsides, dry soil. Common, especially northward. Smaller and more delicate than the common dandelion. (See illustration, p. 238.)