Family, Composite. Color, whitish sometimes with a yellow or purple tint. Leaves, wedge-shape, tapering at the base to short petioles, acute at apex, coarsely toothed; those on the main stem and Large branches deeply toothed, those above and on the small branches entire. Flowers all tubular, collected in loose- heads, pistillate and staminate on different plants, the heads 1 to 5 in a panicle, on peduncles, terminating the branches. Corolla, in the fertile blossom long, narrow, thread-like; in the staminate, broader, 5-lobed.

After the plant has gone to seed, the pappus of the fertile flowers becomes long, full, and plumose, giving the shrub a conspicuous, hoary look in late autumn. It is a light-colored bush, 6 to 15 feet high, the only true shrub among the Composites, found growing plentifully in marine marshes and along sea-beaches from Massachusetts to Florida and Texas.