L. hirsuta (this and the two following species are woody, climbing vines). - Color, orange yellow. Calyx-tube with 5 small teeth. Corolla, clammy from minute glands on the outside; a tube more than 1/2 inch long, with the lower lip narrow, and covering the other in bud; the upper divided into 4 roundish lobes. Stamens, 5, protruding. Stigma, round, green, terminating a long style. Berries, bright orange, with the calyx - teeth left upon them. Flowers, sessile, in whorls of about 6, from the upper leaf-axils, forming an interrupted leafy spike. Leaves, dull green, large, broadly lance - shape or oval, rounded at base, hairy along the margins and midribs, the upper pair completely united, the others on short, winged petioles. June and July.

A hardy climber, in woods, around rocks, reaching a length of 20 to 30 feet. Branches are reddish. Leaves large and coarse, and stems softly hairy. Vermont to Michigan, south to Pennsylvania.