Color, pale purplish blue. Flowers, 3 to 6 together, on peduncles, arising from the axils, the raceme a little shorter than the leaves. Pod, hairy. Leaves, of 12 to 14 leaflets, terminated by 2 or 3 delicate tendrils, the leaflets cut square at apex, notched, nearly sessile. May to September.

A climbing vetch which may be known by prominent stipules, long-eared or toothed. Waste places and dry fields over the Eastern and Middle States.

V, caroliniana. - Color, whitish, the keel of the papilionaceous corolla tipped with blue. Flowers, small, less densely clustered than in the preceding racemes, shorter than the leaves, somewhat drooping. Leaves, of 4 to 9 pairs of linear, smooth, entire leaflets, terminating with one or more tendrils. May to July.

Trailing or climbing, stem slender, 2 to 3 feet long. River-banks from New England to Georgia, westward to Minnesota and Kansas.

Pea Vine V. americana. - Color, purplish. This species has 4 to 8 flowers, rather large, in the raceme, which is shorter than the leaves, straggling. Leaves, 5 to 7 pairs ended by long tendrils, with stipules nearly 1/2 inch broad and sharply toothed. May to August.

Wet soil, as river-banks, from Virginia and Kentucky northward. Pound 3,500 feel high in Virginia.

Groundnut. Wild Bean Apios tuberosa (name means "a pear," from the shape of the tubers). - Family, Pulse. Co lor, brownish purple. Calyx, slightly 2dipped, the 2 upper teeth short, the 2 lateral ones nearly invisible, the lower one long. Corolla, papilion ceous, with a broad, turned-back standard and scythe-sheed keen. Flowers, in short thick racemes, on axillary peduncles; pleasantly violet-scent Leaves, divided into 3 to 7 long, narrow leaflets, with small stipules Leaves much longer than the raceme of flowers. Stems, slender, somewhat hairy, with a little milky juice, climbing and massing over bushes. Pods produce kidney-shaped beans variously and prettily marked and colored. July to September.

This plant bears strings of underground, edible tubers joined by offshoots. It is of prolific growth, found in low, wet grounds and moist thickets from New England to Florida and westward.