Family, Pulse. Color, purple. Calyx, 5-toothed, the 2 upper divisions somewhat united. Corolla, papilionaceous, with a spirally coiled keel including the stamens and style. Pod, long, curved, 4 to 5-seeded, tipped with the base of the style. Leaves, 3-foliate, with roundish to ovate, pointed leaflets, 2 to 4 inches long. July to September.

Flowers in short or long racemes, often crowded. One of our prettiest climbers, overtopping shrubs and stout herbs, displaying handsome flowers and graceful leaves, making many rough and bare spots soft and beautiful. Roadsides, thickets, etc., from Connecticut to Illinois, southward to

Florida. The garden kidney or string-bean. P. vulgaris, was probably imported from South America by Spanish slave-traders.

From before the time when Daniel and his three friends begged for a diet of pulse (beans) in exchange for the king's table, this vegetable has been esteemed a valuable food,