Geranium Robertianum (generic name means a "crane," from the long beak on the pod). - Family, Geranium. Color, deep crimson.

Sepals and petals, 5. Stamens, 10. Sepals, tipped with a short awn, rough, hairy, with the stems often reddish. A strong scent pervades the plant, coming from resinous glands which are scattered in the foliage. Flowers, small, single, or 2 or 3 together among the leaves, from forking stems. Leaves, 3 to 5-divided, the divisions twice dissected. June to October.

This is one of those plants which, by the sudden, elastic bursting of its pods, scatters its seed a long distance, often several feet. Named after Robert, Duke of Normandy. Damp, shaded woods, Quebec to New Jersey, westward to Minnesota.