Stems, reclining, with short, hooked prickles. Petioles and peduncles also prickly. Leaves, 3-divided, leathery, evergreen, petioled, rounded at base, acute at apex, serrate. Petals, large, the flowers 1 inch across. Sepals, small, turned back. Fruit, quite long and pleasant in flavor. March to May.

Virginia to Florida in sterile soil.

Low Blackberry. Dewberry. Running Blackberry R. canadensis. - Leaves of 3, 5, or 7 small leaflets, radiating from a common center, sharply toothed, not prickly, petioled. Leaflets, oval or ovate. A smaller and more seedy berry than the high blackberry.

A shrubby, trailing plant, growing in the dust by roadsides or in dry fields, preferring rocky or sterile soil. Prickles few and weak, the stem sometimes quite smooth. From Newfoundland to Virginia and westward.