Family, Gourd. Color, whitish. Flowers, of two kinds, the pistillate in roundish, peduncled heads; Staminate, in corymbs or clusters from the same leaf-axils . .11 very long peduncles. Petals, 5, large, united below, with spreading border. Stigmas, 3. Style, 1. Fruit, a prickly, bur-like receptacle for a single seed. The prickles can be pulled off without breaking open the "cucumber." Leaves, roundish, broad, deeply heart-shape at base, 5-lobed or angled, the lobes very acute, margin wavy, toothed, sometimes 10 inches across.

A plant, climbing by means of 3-forked tendrils. Hairy, not pretty, sometimes a weed in shaded yards. The fruit of this Family is called a pepo. The melon, squash, cucumber, pumpkin and gourd are examples.

Dr. Coulter, speaking of a section in Indiana, says: "The single-seeded cucumber mats all bushes and vegetation within 10 feet of its roots into a thicket, or climbs up a neighboring tree to the distance of 63 feet."