Echinocystis lobata. (name means "hedgehog" and "bladder," from the swollen, prickly fruit). - Family, Gourd. Color, greenish white. Staminate and pistillate flowers, separate, springing from the same leaf-axils, the former in compound racemes, often 1 foot long, the latter generally single, sometimes in pairs. Fruit, fleshy, oval, 2 inches long, covered with weak, slender prickles. Corolla, deeply 5-parted, united at base into a tube. Calyx, tubular. Ovary, 2-celled, 2 seeds in each cell. Leaves, thin, deeply 5-lobed, the lobe pointed, the margins distantly toothed, on petioles 1 to 3 inches long. July to October.

A smooth-stemmed, tall climber, reaching a height of 25 feet, climbing by means of 3-forked tendrils. Found in wet soil, as along rivers, from western New England to Pennsylvania. Often cultivated as a veranda climber.