This is the most striking of the genus. Flower, peduncled, with 3 narrow sepals. Its long, white, wavy petals are colored a deep, rich crimson in the middle, or lined with purple, and the upper part of the stem is brown. Fruit, a 3-angled red berry, 3-celled, with several seeds in a cell. Leaves, tapering to a thick, broad petiole, with 3 prominent ribs running from base to the sharp-pointed apex. May and June.

Cold, moist woods, often found in bogs in the Northern States, and in the mountains southward. Found over 5,000 feet high in Virginia.

It is difficult to classify the trilliums by their color. They partake of bright hues in their petals, seeming to delight in strong, rich markings, often different colors being found together. (See under Variegated Flowers, p. 374.)