Family, Lily. (Name means "twisted foot or stalk.") Perianth of 6 divisions, bell-shaped, curved backward, all narrow, pointed, greenish white. Stamens, 6, with arrow-shaped anthers on short, flattened filaments. Fruit, a red, many-seeded berry. The flowers, 1/2 inch long, grow from the leaf-axils on slender peduncles 1 to 2 inches long, which are abruptly bent or twisted in the middle; hence the name. Stem, a creeping rootstock, from which the branches arise, 2 to 3 feet in height, forking, bearing the nodding flowers near the ends. Leaves, thin, pointed, rounded at base, clasping the stem. May to July.

Cool, wet woods, northward, and south in the mountains of North Carolina.

Large-flowered Wake Robin Trillium grandiflbrum. - Family, Lily. Perianth of 3 long and narrow, green sepals and 3 large colored petals, with marked veins, obtuse and broad, or heart-shaped at the top. Petals, waxy, white, later turning pink. Stamens, 6, with long anthers on stout filaments. Flowers, single, on long peduncles, at the base of which there is a whorl of 3 broad, net-veined, strongly-ribbol leaves. Fruit, a black, roundish berry.

The trilliums are smooth, unbranched herbs, among our earliest spring finds, coming but little later than the robin from which this one takes its name. The name trillium means three, all of the parts of this plant being in threes.