Mitchella. repens (name refers to Dr. John Mitchell, a botanist of the time of Linnaeus). - Family, Madder. Color, white, sometimes with a pink tinge. Calyx, 4-toothed. Corolla, tubular, 4-lobed. Stamens, 4. Stigmas, 4, long, on a single style. The flowers are close together, in pairs, their calyx-tubes later cohering and making a double fruit, crowned with 8 teeth, filled with hard nutlets. The pink-tipped flowers appear early in summer, and the scarlet fruit lasts into the snowy season. Leaves, small, roundish, shining, evergreen, on short petioles. June and July.

A favorite plant growing only in woods, especially pine, matted, with trailing stems on the ground, loving best to nestle at the foot of trees. The flower is delicately fragrant, and the fruit makes food for the birds which spend their winter with us. Eastern States and southward.