Family, Madder. Color, a bluish white, with a pale-yellow center. Calyx, very short, 4-lobed, forming a tiny cup to hold the tubular corolla, with its 4 spreading lobes, barely 1/2 inch across. Stamens, 4. Style, 1. Leaves, small, blunt, wide at apex, narrowing to base, opposite, entire. April to July.

Delicate flowers of spring, 2 to 5 inches high, growing in bunches from slender creeping stems or rootstocks. The pale blue corolla, with its bright eye, dots many meadows with tiny stars. Two pretty, common names are Quaker-lady, Quaker-bonnets. Moist or dry fields and meadows along the coast and westward. Some pastures are seen thickly covered with these quaint little flowers, giving them a pale, bluish-white tint.