Chimaphila umbettata (name from two Greek words signifying "to love winter." One of its popular names is wintergreen). - Family, Heath. Color, light pink with a purple tinge from the anthers. Sepals, 5. Petals, 5, round, concave, open. Stamens, 10, with hairy filaments, and purple, 2-horned anthers which open by means of chinks. Pistil, 1, with a broad, sticky stigma 5-divided along the border. Leaves, shining, smooth, evergreen, acute at apex, lance-shaped, sharply toothed, whorled or scattered on the stem, from 1 to 2 1/2 inches long. The branches are stout, rising from a stem lying on or under the ground, reaching sometimes a foot in height. 2 to 8 flowers in umbels, each on slender pedicels. June to August.

A beautiful plant embodying the very essence of the woods. Later in the season, when the blossoms are gone, by pulling up one of the long, just underground stems covered with the leaf branches, we have a pretty bit of festooning for the house. Let only one out of many be taken.