Color, pink or almost white. This woodsy plant resembles the last except that its leaves are spotted or striped with white. Leaves, widely toothed, the lowest being smaller than the others. Flowers, 1 to 3 on long peduncles, their pedicels becoming much elongated in fruit. Petals, waxy, with a slight fragrance. 3 to 10 inches high. June and July.

Late in the summer it should become a pleasant pastime with us to seek out and study the fruit of our flowers, especially after the pods have grown to full size. Dry, open woods, Maine to Minnesota, southward to Georgia and Mississippi. Found 4,200 feet high in North Carolina. (See illustration, p. 275.)

Fireweed Great Willow herb. (Epilobium angusfolium)

Fireweed Great Willow-herb. (Epilobium angusfolium)

Spotted Wintergreen (Chimaphila maculata)

Spotted Wintergreen (Chimaphila maculata)

One-Flowered Pyrola. Moneses uniflora

Family, Heath. Color, white or pink. (See White Flowers, p. 108.)