Family, Purslane. Color, yellow. Calyx, 2-cleft, the sepals keeled. Corolla of 5 petals inserted on the calyx, opening only on sunny mornings, soon falling. Stamens, 7 to 12. Style, 1, but deeply 5 to 6-parted. Pod, round, opening by a lid hinged on one side, called a pyxis, disclosing numerous seeds neatly arranged within. Leaves, thick, fleshy, roundish, entire, scattered. Whole plant very smooth. In cultivated ground. A weed.

This persistent weed lies flat on the ground. The farmer, when he wants a strong comparison, says, "As mean as pusley." His wife does not disdain to use its succulent stem and leaves for an insipid and mucilaginous table vegetable. The leaves of this plant turn upward at night, two of them clinging together when they are opposite.