Family, Water Lily. Color, yellow, sometimes with a purple tinge. Sepals, 6, greenish yellow. Petals, numerous, stouter than and passing into the stamens. The conspicuous yellow or light-red stigma is many rayed. Leaves seldom submerged, more often floating, thick, deeply cleft at their base, 1 foot long. Summer.

This plant is a coarse imitation of the water lily. It is common, sometimes found in the same waters with the white water lily. The fruit ripens above the surface of the water. Without fragrance.

N. microphylla.. - This is a slender-stemmed species, with some leaves thin, roundish, or kidney-shaped, submerged; others floating, which are larger, broadly elliptical. Flowers, with yellow petals and red stigmas.

In ponds, New England to Pennsylvania and westward.