Castilleja coccinea - Family, Figwort. Color of inconspicuous flowers, scarcely seen, yellow; of the conspicuous floral lea . red. Leaves, the lower, deeply, irregularly cut into narrow divisions; upper and floral, less deeply; root-leaves nearly entire, clustered. This flower is neither scarlet nor a cup. Pulling aside the brilliant leaves, we find hidden among them a small, yellow blossom, with a calyx of 2 divisions, each 3-cleft; a corolla, tubular, 2-lipped, the upper lip long and narrow inclosing 4 stamens; the lower lip 3-lobed, short. Flowers, in a short spike. Summer.

Often the moist, sandy fields are reddened in large patches with this singular plant, which dyes its floral leaves a color to rival the cardinal-flower in intensity. Stem, hairy, 1 foot high. Massachusetts to Virginia, southward to Texas.