Family, St. John's-wort. Color, yellow. Leaves, narrow, oblong or lance-shape, 1 to 2 inches long, dotted, obtuse at apex, numerous, making the shrub leafy from base to top. Sepals, 5. Petals, 5. Stamens, many, conspicuous, standing up from the wide-spreading petals. Styles, 3, and red pod 3-celled. Flowers, clustered at the ends of 2-edged branch-lets. July to September.

A much-branched, bushy shrub, 1 to 5 feet high, found from New Jersey to New England and westward.

H. densiflorum, - Leaves, smaller than in the last, thickly crowded upon slender branches, very bushy toward the top. Flowers, small, 1/2 inch long, in compound cymes.

New Jersey pine barrens to Kentucky and southward.