Family, Heath. Color, white. Leaves, thin, oval or oblong, smooth above, black-dotted underneath, entire, 2 to 3 inches long, revolute along the margins. Bell-shape flowers like those of Andromeda hang in clusters along the sides of the almost leafless branches of the last season. Corolla, about

1/2 inch long, with 5 short teeth at the summit. Sometimes tinted with pale pink. Rather larger than flowers of the preceding.

May to July.

A low shrub, 1 to 4 feet high, with upright leaves and branches. It is thought to poison lambs and calves which browse upon its tender Leaves. In sandy soil and 1ow grounds near the coast, Rhode Island to Florida, westward to Tennes-see and Arkansas.

Male Berry. Privet Andromeda L, ligustrina. - A taller shrub than the last, 3 to 12 feet high. Flowers, small, roundish, numerous, crowded in terminal compound racemes. Leaves, entire, or with very minute teeth, inversely ovate, acute at each end. June and July.

Swamps and wet thickets, from New England to Florida and westward.