Physalis pruinbsa - Family, Nightshade. Color, yellow. Calyx, 5-toothed, ribbed and angled, becoming much swollen and covering the fruit, which is a small, tomato-like, yellow berry, edible, somewhat used for making jam. Corolla, funnel-form, the limb wheel-shaped, with 5 divisions. Anthers, yellow, tinged with purple. Plant, hairy and viscid. Leaves, rather large, pointed, heart-shaped at base, indented, with wavy outlines between the strong teeth, on long, hairy petioles. July to September.

Springing up in cultivated soil, near the coast, from Massachusetts and Long Island, south to Florida. There are several species, most of which grow farther south than New York and New Jersey, mostly in dry or sandy ground.

Tomatillo P. ixocarpa bears purple fruit, and is often cultivated. Introduced from the Southwest. Corolla, yellowish or greenish, darker in the center.