Decodon verticillktus (name from the Greek, meaning "ten-toothed," alluding to the calyx - teeth). - Family, Loosestrife. Color, magenta. Calyx, bell-shaped, 5 to 7-toothed, with other slender teeth between, one in each sinus: Stamens, 10, 5 longer, and 5 shorter, alternate with them. The filaments of the longer stamens are very slender and project from the corolla. Trimor-phous. One pistil, and the fruit a round capsule, 3 to 5-celled. Flowers, in close sessile heads or cymes in the upper leaf-axils, on purplish pedicels. Rather large and showy. Sometimes flowers are double. Leaves, opposite or whorled, lanee-shaped,

2 to 5 inches long, pointed at both ends. Stem, somewhat woody,

3 to 10 feet long, rooting from the tip if it happens to reach the water or mud. July to September.

Swamps, Massachusetts to Florida westward. Pound 2,000 feet high in Pennsylvania. Often an aquatic.