Family, Lily. Color, purple, turning green with age. Perianth, of 6 segments. Stamens, 6, the filaments longer than the perianth. Anthers, blue. Capsule, 3-lobed. Flowers, in a dense raceme at the end of a long, leafless scape, 1 to 2 feet high, arising from a tuberous rootstock. Leaves, clustered at the base of the scape, 6 to 15 inches long, broad at apex, tapering at base, thin, flat, finely parallel-veined. A few small bracts on the scape, near the base. April and May.

A smooth perennial with hollow scape bearing a showy raceme of flowers in spring. In swamps, local and rare, northern New Jersey, southern New York to Virginia.

Field Garlic. Allium vineale

Family, Lily. Color, green or purple. (See Green Flowers, p. 23.)