Color, dark orange, spotted with red. Perianth of 6 segments, rolled back. Stamens, 6, with linear anthers lightly attached at their middle to slender filaments. Style, thick, bearing a 3-lobed stigma. Flowers, nodding, arranged in rows, one row above another, making a pyramid of from 2 to 40 blossoms. July and August.

Turk's cap lily (Lilium superbutn)

Turk's-cap lily (Lilium superbutn)

A stalk 7 to 8 feet high, crowned with many rows of these large, bright lilies, is one of the handsomest gifts of the flower kingdom. Neither is it chary of its charms, for it blooms in the low meadows, along the roadside, in thickets, rearing its beautiful pyramids where the clethra grows, near the border of a marsh or shaded stream, wherever the soil is moist. New England to Virginia and westward. (See illustration, p. 153.)