Family, Logania. Color, bright, golden yellow. Calyx, 5-parted. Corolla, tubular, 1 to 1 1/2 inches long, the border deeply 5-parted into broad lobes. Stamens, 5, with arrow - shape anthers. Style, 1. Short stamens and long style in one flower, corresponding to long stamens and short style in another. A high climber over trees. Leaves, small, shining, ovate or lance-shape, short-petioled, simple, evergreen. March and April.

This is one of the most beautiful of our vines, deservedly dear to the Southern heart, the profusion of bright, deliciously fragrant, axillary-clustered flowers, in shape somewhat like the Northern foxglove, contrasting finely with the richly colored evergreen leaves. Low grounds, from Virginia to Florida and Texas.