Rhinanthus Crista-gatti. - Family, Figwort. Color, yellow. Calyx, 4-toothed, much swollen in fruit. Corolla, 2-lipped, a small, horizontal purple tooth each side of the apex of the upper lip. Lower lip 3-lobed, its lobes spreading, about 1/2 inch long. Seeds, when ripe, broadly winged. They rattle in the enlarged, dry calyx, whence the popular name. Flowers, crowded in 1-sided spikes, nearly sessile. Leaves, opposite, linear, coarsely toothed, the floral leaves bristly-tipped. Plant turns black in drying.

Near the coast in New England. In dry, sandy soil.

The plant may be identified by fine, black lines along the stem, also by the violet teeth of the upper lip of corolla, while upon the lower lip there is a black spot near the base.