10. Amaranthus Crispus (Lesp. & Thev.) A. Braun. Crisp-Leaved Amaranth

Fig. 1668

Euxolus crispus Lesq. & Thev. Bull. Soc. Bot. France 6: 656. 1859. Amarantus crispus A. Braun; A. Gray, Man. Ed. 6, 428.


Pubescent, stem copiously branched, slender, spreading on the ground, prostrate, forming mats 8'-2 1/2o in diameter. Leaves oblong or lanceolate, mostly acute at the apex and narrowed at the base, petioled, 4"-1' long, their margins remarkably crisped; petioles shorter than or exceeding the blades; flowers all in small axllary clusters shorter than the petioles; bracts lanceolate, cuspidate, shorter than the 5 sepals; utricle wrinkled, inde-hiscent, about as long as the sepals.

In waste places, New York city, Brooklyn and Albany, N. Y. Also in France. Native region unknown. June-Sept.

10 Amaranthus Crispus Lesp Thev A Braun Crisp Leav 10

11. Amaranthus Pumilus Raf. Coast Amaranth

Fig. 1669

Amarantus pumilus Raf. Med. Rep. (II.) 5: 360. 1808.

Euxolus pumilus Chapm. Fl. S. States 381. 1860.

Glabrous, fleshy, branched, the branches prostrate or ascending, 3'-8' long. Leaves ovate, rhombic-ovate, obovate or suborbicular, most of them clustered toward the ends of the branches, obtuse or emarginate at the apex, narrowed or rounded at the base, prominently veined, petioled, 3"-10" long, the veins often purple; flowers few together in small axillary clusters; bracts lanceolate, subacute, shorter than the 5 oblong obtuse sepals; stamens 5; anthers yellow; utricle fleshy, indehiscent, faintly 5-ribbed, slightly wrinkled, nearly twice as long as the sepals when mature; seed very large for the genus.

On sea beaches, Rhode Island to North Carolina. Dwarf amaranth. June-Sept.

11 Amaranthus Pumilus Raf Coast Amaranth 11