Annual diffuse glabrous herbs with small white solitary flowers. Sepals 3, valvate. Glands 3. Petals 3, oblong, entire. Stamens 4-6. Ovary 2-3-lobed nearly to the base, 2-3-celled; stigmas 2-3. Mature carpels 1-3, rugose, indehiscent, fleshy. Seed erect. [In honor of H. G. Floerke, 1790-1835, a German botanist.]

Two species, the following typical one, and the closely related F. occidentalis Rydb., of the western United States.

1 Flo rkea Willd Neue Schrift Ges Nat Fr 3 448 180 1029

1. Floerkea Proserpinacoides Willd. False Mermaid

Fig. 2687

Floerkea prosperpinacoides Willd. Neue Schrift. Ges. Nat. Fr. 3: 448. 1801.

Slender, weak, 4'-15' long, branching. Leaves thin, slender-petioled, §'-3' long, the segments 5 or 3, distant, lanceolate, oblong or linear-oblong, acute or obtusish, entire or cleft; peduncles slender, elongating in fruit; flowers white, about 1 1/2" broad; sepals lanceolate to ovate-lanceolate, acute, at length much exceeding the fruit; stamens about equalling the petals; ripe carpels nearly globular, about 1 1/2" in diameter, tuberculate above.

In marshes and along rivers, Quebec to Ontario, Wisconsin, Delaware, Tennessee and Missouri. April-June.