9. Ilex BronxŔnsis Britton. Northern Winterberry

Fig. 2794

Ilex verticillata tenuifolia Torr. Fl. North. U. S. 338. 1824. Not I. tenuifolia Salisb.

Ilex bronxensis Britton, Man. 604. 1901.

1. verticillata cyclophylla Robinson, Rhodora 2: 105. 1900.

Similar to the preceding species, but with grey slender twigs. Leaves various, obovate to orbicular, l'-3 long, glabrous, or more or less pubescent beneath; fruit often larger than that of I. verticillata, orange-red.

In swamps and wet woods, Nova Scotia to Ontario, Michigan, Indiana and New Jersey. June-July.

Ilex fastigiÓta Bicknell, of Nantucket, recently described, differs by fastigiate branching and narrower lanceolate to oblong-lanceolate leaves.

10. Ilex Laevigata (Pursh) A. Gray. Smooth Winterberry. Hoop-Wood

Fig. 2795

Prinos laevigatus Pursh, Fl. Am. Sept. 220. 1814. Ilex laevigata A. Gray, Man. Ed. 2, 264. 1856.

A shrub, somewhat resembling the two preceding. Twigs glabrous; leaves oval or oblong, thin, 1-2' long, mainly acute or acutish at each end, glabrous on both sides or sometimes villous on the veins beneath, turning yellow in autumn, finely serrulate; staminate flowers solitary or occasionally 2 together, on very slender pedicels 5"-9" long; fertile flowers solitary, much shorter-peduncled; calyx-lobes acute, glabrous; drupes larger than in /. verticillata, orange-red, rarely yellow, ripening earlier, on stalks about equal to their diameter.

In swamps, Maine and New Hampshire to Pennsylvania and Georgia. Blooms earlier than the preceding. Can-hoop. May-June.

10 Ilex Laevigata Pursh A Gray Smooth Winterberry  1137